Nail Salon Sued for a Leg Amputation!

Nail Salon Sued for a Leg Amputation!

Is your Nail Salon practicing state sanitation guidelines?  I missed this headline at the later part of 2021!  With Covid and New Strands there was too much distraction to keep a watchful eye on news in 2021.  Clara Shellman developed an infection from an accidental cut at the Nail Salon. 

Tammy's Nails 2 in Tampa, Fl  was ordered to pay Shellman a settlement of 1.75 million for hardship.  The mother of small child could not work any longer and was heavily dependent of friends and family to accomplish her daily routine. 

Although Shellman did have a pre existing condition that made her more vulnerable, the courts still decided there was enough cause to make their decision in favor of Shellman.

The state's regulators, I can imagine, have a vast number of salons and spas to cover and probably do not have the man power to accomplish what they project. 

Since Covid I have opted for both DIY manis and pedis.  If and when I decide to patronize a nail salon again, I probably will bring my own tools: an excellent cuticle scraper, sharp cuticle cutters, non metal files, low grit buffers, and essential oils for buffing and a nail cutter if my nails are long and in need of more than filing. 

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