Tights That Are Better Than Wearing Nothing

Who grew up in the 70s or 80s? Do you remember your Mom making you wear itchy tights to Church? I wished I were a boy they were so uncomfortable! I had to model one of my dresses for The Pop Up Shop in the Galleria in Houston but did not have any tights. I stopped into Nordstrom's before my meeting and Commando Luxury Legwear was the only option on the shelf. I made my purchase - swept into the dressing room - ran to my meeting and then something magical happened...It felt like I was wearing nothing!  At first I thought it may be the adrenaline pumping from my meeting (my anxiety). But I did not feel anything after my meeting. Taking off my tights in a fit of rage was not the first thing that I did when I got home that evening. These were NOT cheap...I think around $36 but IT"S WORTH EVERY PENNY - Promise! Cut your budget elsewhere and take the plunge!